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Shipping of Remains: Domestic and International

San Jacinto Valley Mortuary is one of the largest shipping mortuaries in southern California. We ship both domestically and internationally.

You may want to choose to have a service here and then ship the deceased, or you may want a service only at the final destination. Either way, we can help.

You may purchase the casket here or from the receiving funeral director (however, if the casket is purchased here and shipped out of state, there is no sales tax).

Our casket prices are lower than you will find at most funeral homes or casket stores.

Domestic Shipping

Without Memorial Service
Professional services, including embalming $1,274.00
Pick up deceased and transport to mortuary* see below
If casket used: Airtray for casket (casket add'l: $395 and up) 185.00
If no casket used: Combo shipper (required when no casket used) 250.00
Disposition permit (required, cost set by state) 12.00
Death certificate (if desired, cost set by state) 21.00
Delivery to Ontario International Airport included
Delivery to LAX 125.00

*Transportation Fees
These fees are for pickup from hospital, nursing home,
or coroner's office. If pickup is to be from a residence, add $75.
San Bernardino County including Yucca Valley & 29 Palms $76.00
San Bernardino County: Needles $250.00
Riverside County including Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley $76.00
Riverside County: Blythe $200.00
Orange County $76.00
Los Angeles (except Antelope Valley) $76.00
Los Angeles: Antelope Valley $100.00
Ventura County $76.00
Santa Barbara $200.00
Kern County $200.00
Imperial County $150.00

International Shipping
International shipping is a specialty that most mortuaries don’t understand. The rules and requirements are different for each country. We have shipped to every continent except Antarctica. Please call us and we will tell you what the requirements are for the country you desire to go to.

We have a package price for international shipping that includes:
        Removal from the place of death in southern California
        Preparation of the body as required by the receiving country
        All paperwork for the death certificate and filing with the county
        Obtaining necessary transit documents from county
        Obtaining a letter of non-contagion, if required
        Obtaining a notarized document stating the preparation of the deceased, if required
        Working with the consulate to obtain permission to ship the deceased. NOTE: Some consulates, depending on the country, require one to four certified copies of the death certificate. Some also require an "apostile" (official certification of signatures) of all documents. This adds about $100 in fees. There may be extra costs for courier services. A few countries also require a translation of documents by an "authorized" translator. If this is required, there will be additional charges.
        Arranging the airline transportation
        Delivery to Los Angeles International Airport
        A 20-guage steel casket that is sealable (required by many countries). We have several to choose from.
        A standard airtray the casket is shipped in (required by the airlines)
Total package price is: $3,840.00

Not included in the package
Death certificates $16.00 each
Transit permit $11.00
Any other legally required document to be determined
Certified translation, if required to be determined
FedEx charges as necessary
Airline charges as arranged
Any other non-mortuary charges that may become necessary

Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home in the United States or from Another Country
This charge includes minimum services of staff, transportation from shipping destination and transportation of remains to cemetery or crematory (within 50-mile radius of funeral home). This charge does not include visitation or ceremonies.  1,030.00 (plus shipping charges if shipped collect) (California permit, cemetery charges, and any other merchandise requested [e.g., casket, vault, headstone] are additional)

Also available:
Visitation in our chapel or place of your choice (plus transportation per schedule): $350.00

Graveside service including hearse: $400.00

Chapel or church service: $600.00

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